Azqiya Dimarsyaltama  zoekt een Kamer / Studio in Groningen

Azqiya Dimarsyaltama zoekt: Een Kamer / Studio in Groningen

  • Kamer / Studio
  • Min. 15 m2
  • Vrouw
  • 17 Per direct

I am writing this for the matter of renting purposes and is not used for any other purposes/matters.
I am Azqiya Dimarsyaltama Putri and originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I will be studying International business at Hanzehogeschool Groningen. Little about me, I am a very motivational student who has big passion in debate and writing. I have traveled around the world to apply my ability in the real world, just like at the most prestigious institution like Yale University, for instance.
During my study in high school, I am associated with a lot of people. Either just for social purposes or academic one. I am sometimes being called by my teacher to teach other students how to debate and write, that is why my relationship with my friends at school is important, as well as with my teachers. Traveling around the world and meeting millions of people from different background have also taught me how different countries apply different culture and how we as human being should adjust with the situation. That is why I do not find it hard for myself to associate with other people.
I will not deny the fact that the environment has an effect on the way an individual learns, which is a part of the reasons that would make one willing to study very far from his family and home. Especially the fact that I am coming from very far country. That is why during my study I want to live in an environment that relaxed and could give positive impact in me since I will dedicate my full time to study since I am aiming for higher education once I graduate from Hanze. With the aim of my aunt who lives in the Netherlands, we look for a place with safe and good environment. Finally, today when my aunt sends me the link of the Landlord’s property, my aunt immediately book an appointment to see the property in real life. After viewing the property in real life and explain further

about the housemates and outside environment. I am very pleased with the fact, I am falling for the property. In terms of the location as well as the neighbor.
My mother will be my financial sponsor and it has been declared to the immigration office. She will be the one who pays for everything related with my study in Groningen until I graduate, include paying rent property. She has been the one who financially supports me since I was little, to be more specific, since kindergarten. Furthermore, I am planning on renting the property per August 30, 2018.

Algemene informatie: Azqiya Dimarsyaltama
  Vrouw, 23 jaar
Type huurder: Student
  1e jaars Hanzehogeschool groningen (UNIVERSITEIT)